Business Coaching & Mentoring


The objective of Coaching and Mentoring is to facilitate a positive change within your business, it provides you with the time to look at your business and to plot the growth journey. Once you know where you want to be then the discussion is around how you arrive at that point and the action plan that starts the journey.


What's the Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring?

Coaching projects have a defined scope of works and therefore a start and end date, whereas mentoring is a longer term relationship led project. The Mentor tends to have a sector based background relevant to the mentee's requirements but this is not always an essential.


Is Coaching and Mentoring Expensive?

The whole idea of engaging with a coach or mentor is that you are looking to inspire change, you are looking to grow your business and therefore be more successful. In that respect all our customers say that engaging with us is money well invested.


There is Government funding through a scheme called GrowthAccelerator that enables companies to engage with our coaches. If you require more information then contact us and we will send you a fact sheet.


If your business could benefit from our support then please contact us.

What our customers think:
Ian has helped us to develop and implement a very cost-effective expansion strategy, leading to increased sales, more efficient operations and, most importantly, improved our profitability. With a straightforward, hands-on and practical approach, he's moved us to another level and helped us to be much further on in our development plans than we could have hoped for. Using Ian has yielded significant positive benefits, achieved in a shorter time than we could have imagined and at a cost which fell within our budget.
Barry Cassidy, Managing Director of North West Business Services Ltd


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